Metal Slitting Seminar

Bach Knives metal slitting seminars have been well received throughout the slitting industry. Our on-site training seminars include the following topics:

  • Slitting theory
  • Defining a good edge
  • Horizontal clearance and its relationship to gauge, tensile, and edge quality (i.e., camber)
  • Penetration
  • Problems introduced and overcome with clearance and penetration
  • The relationship between knife alloy, hardness and tool life
  • Shimless slitting
  • Stripping devices: Problems introduced and overcome with stripping
  • Care, maintenance and storage of your tooling
  • Types of set-ups
  • Knife chips
  • Sharpening
  • Slitter Setup
  • Troubleshooting

Contact a Bach Knives sales engineer to schedule an on-site training seminar.

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