Shimless Tooling Systems

Bach Knives designs and builds AccuSet Shimless Tooling Systems to suit our customers’ exact production needs. The AccuSet Shimless Tooling System consists of knives, spacers, and stripper rings, all driven by a custom-designed computer program eliminating the use of plastic shims.

Shimless Tooling Systems

AccuSet Shimless Tooling Systems

  • Customized software compatible from Microsoft Windows XP© to “10”
  • Knives, spacers, and stripper rings in the most efficient tooling sizes
  • Knives and spacers manufactured to the following shimless tolerances:
    • Thickness tolerance +/- 0.000040″*
    • Parallelism within 0.000080″ or better
    • Flatness within 0.000080″
    • Surface finish down to 3-4 microinch
    • Knife bores available in H5 or H6
  • On-site startup and training sessions by our experienced sales engineers
  • Clear, dark laser etch to improve identification, speed, and accuracy of setup
  • On-going technical support

* We can achieve +/-0.000020″ when necessary


  • Fast, accurate setups
  • Eliminate the use of plastic shims and the quality issues associated with them
  • Reduce tooling resets
  • Strip widths in 0.0005″ or 0.001″ increments (clearances in 0.00025″ and 0.0005″)
  • Minimize the number of tools per cut
  • Enhanced repeatability
  • Maximum slitter production and efficiency
  • Minimize burr and camber issues
  • Increased knife life

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