Carbide Seals

In addition to knives made to closest tolerances, Bach Knives offers a wide array of carbide parts, including Tungsten carbide ring seals for pumps.

Carbide Seals

All parts are made from the finest cobalt- or nickel-based Tungsten powders and machined on state-of-the-art machining centers. From mixing the powders to final inspection, every step of production takes place under one roof. We can handle all your precision tolerances and “mirror” finish requirements.

  • Ring seals are made to order, any size orders up to 10″ in diameter
  • Deliveries are typically 6-8 weeks from time of order
  • Interferometry inspection for flatness
  • 100% Inspection – ISO Certified
  • Competitive pricing

Light Wave Tolerances

  • Thickness: +/-0.000020″
  • Flatness: Within 0.000040″
  • Parallel: Within 0.000040″
  • Surface Finish: 0.002 Ra
  • Bore: H5

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