Food, Pharmaceutical, & Bag Packaging

Food & Pharmaceutical

Bach Knives works closely with leading food processing, pharmaceutical product packaging companies, and OEM throughout the industry. We offer standard size knives and more complicated designs in WS tool steel (52100), D2, HSS, Stainless Steel, Powder Metal, or Carbide, depending on your application. In addition, we offer blades with special coatings to resist product buildup or to increase lubricity during heat generated cutting applications.

Bag Industries

Our knives are used by many of the long standing paper, film, and foil bag converting facilities. Bach Knives offers straight shearing knives (with and without perforations) and toothed (straight and circular) cut-off knives including Gloucester type in several tooth patterns. Our blades are available in TIN (Titanium Nitride) coating for longer lasting performance.

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