Air Score Crush Holders

Bach Knives’ offers an exceptional line of light and heavy duty air score holders. We maintain a complete inventory of holders and spare parts ensuring quick delivery — even same day shipment — to minimize your down time.

Hermanite ½” Air Score (Crush) Holder

Our most popular air score (crush cut) holder has precision hardened side plates that lengthens its life and addresses a common wear problem on this style of holder. This feature is standard on all Bach Knives’ holders setting us apart from our competition.

In addition to complete assemblies, we stock most replacement parts for the Hermanite ½” Air Score Holder and offer same day shipment.

Bilstein Heavy Duty Air Score Holders

Bach Knives is proud to partner with Bilstein, the world’s premier air score holder manufacturer. Bilstein holders have very few wear parts, minimizing maintenance costs resulting in many years of superior performance.

Bilstein Model QHP-19T for 100 Ø Blades

Minimum slit width=19mm (0.75″)

Bilstein Model Q68- for 3″ Ø Blades

Pneumatic Score Knife Holder are available in a variety of widths including:

  • Q68-9 min slit width is 9mm (0.35″)
  • Q68-9.5 min slit width is 9.5mm (3/8″)
  • Q68-10 min slit width is 10mm (0.4″)
  • Q68-12.7 min slit width is 12.7mm (1/2″)
  • Q68-12 min slit width is 15mm (0.6″)

Bilstein Quadron Model QHP-48C for 130/150 Ø Blades

Heavy Duty Pneumatic Score Knife Holder
Minimum slit width=50mm (1.97″)

Contact a Bach Knives’ sales engineer to help select the best holder for your application.

Air Score Crush Holder
Air Score Crush Holder