Shear Slitter Blades

Bach Knives is the leader in the converting knife industry. We start with specially heat treated raw material in common and proprietary high-performance alloys. Our dished top blades undergo a 24-step production process and end with a precision finished blade. We offer a ground, polished, or lapped finish according to your production needs and, for special applications, an ultimate polish (RMS 1-2) is available. Finally, each blade is clearly etched with unique production codes assuring positive identification and consistency in every order you place.

Our slitter knife inventory is one of the largest in the US to ensure quick delivery, even same day shipment. We supply replacement tooling manufactured to tolerances exceeding OEM specifications. For customized applications, our technically proficient sales team will custom design slitter knives to your application, most with specifications that exceed industry standards.

Contact a Bach Knives sales engineer to discuss volume discounts and blanket orders.

Shear slitter knives are available in dished and flat execution.


  • Hermanite Alloys (36, 18, 10, 9, 23)
  • Carbide-tipped or solid
  • Powder Metal (PM-1, PMC, Hermanite 96)
  • 52100 (WS alloy)
  • Tool Steel (D2, M2, T1)
  • Stainless steel

Male (Upper) Blades


  • Dished Tops
  • Flat Slitters


  • Single bevel
  • Compound 1-sided bevel
  • Hollow ground bevel
  • Super finish
  • Smooth bore
  • Keyed bore
  • Bayonet bore

Female (Bottom) Blades


  • Single edge
  • Double edge

Locking Styles:

  • Keyway only
  • Keyed Excenter
  • Keyless Excenter (Nomar B)
  • Centry Power (Nomar-C)
  • Set screw

Contact your Bach Knives sales engineer to see how our shear slitter blades will benefit your company.

Shear Slitter Blades
Shear Slitter Blades Bottom
Top Shear Slitting Assembly