Score Toothed and Slicer Blades

Bach Knives’ slicer blades are manufactured from vacuum heat-treated forged tool steels and finished to control Total Indicator Runout (TIR) for optimal performance. For many applications, it is essential to use blades with minimal axial and radial TIR to achieve excellent cut quality. We also offer a highly polished cutting bevel which reduces heat during the cutting process that can distort or damage the product and prematurely diminish the cutting blade performance.

Bach Knives offers slicer blades up to 40” OD in:

  • Single and double sided bevels
  • Square or pointed tooth
  • Segmented carbide tooth
  • Carbide tipped tooth
  • Scalloped tooth


  • CV
  • D2
  • HSS
  • PM

Contact a knowledgeable Bach Knives sales engineer to answer your insulation and slicer blade questions.

Insulation Slicer Blades