Hydraulic Clamp Nuts

Noris Armaturen hydraulic clamp nuts are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Contact an experienced Bach Knives sales engineer to help you determine the right hydraulic clamp nuts for your system or submit a quote request.

Clamp Nut Options

  • Axial or Tangential Operation
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Plating
  • Threaded or Unthreaded
  • Custom Clamp Forces
  • Custom Sizes and Diameters
  • Custom Piston Ring Travel
Hydraulic Clamp Nuts
Hydraulic Clamp Nuts
Type of Operation Model Details Pressure Actuation Tool Max Thread (mm) Max Piston Ring Travel (mm) Clamping Force (kN)
Hydraulic-Clamp-Nuts-020-series 020 Series Closed System: Hydraulic fluid remains in clamping nut. Allen Key 180 (7”) 2 (0.08”) 220
Hydraulic-Clamp-Nuts-010-series 010 Series Open System: Pressure is achieved as grease is pumped into clamping nut. High Pressure grease pump 200 (7-7/8”) 6 (0.250”) 625
Hydraulic-Clamp-Nuts-030-series 030 Series Closed System: Pressure is achieved through oil circulation between the clamping nut
and the oil pump.
High Pressure oil pump 400 (15 -3/4”) 10 (0.40”) 1435