In 1947, Rudolph D. Bach emigrated to the United States with his wife and three young children. The following year he founded Bach & Company. He had at his disposal experience managing a business, an enviable discipline, boundless curiosity and an unwavering integrity. Funds were not part of the package. By dint of his willingness to learn, his genuine interest in his customers’ requirements, and his dedication to his work, he developed a successful business.

In 1960, John W. Beckhard, his 27 year old son-in-law, joined him. The partnership flourished – if they had taken the time to keep a diary we could, even today, learn lessons of exemplary give and take between generations and temperaments. But they were much too busy growing their business, each contributing special aptitudes and skills. In 1967 Bach & Company was incorporated, and, a few years later, took on the name Bach Knives. The enterprise grew and flourished.

In the fullness of time, John Beckhard became President. The Company developed a unique position in its several fields (it has always been a source of great enjoyment that, as cutting implements are used in countless fields, one is afforded an opportunity to learn how all manner of objects are made). Over the years Bach Knives developed a powerful, unique sales force,  knowledgeable go-to experts, respected and valued amongst their customers. In all these many intervening years, the strongest thread in the fabric that makes Bach Knives the stellar Company it is today has always remained the same unwavering integrity inculcated by its founder.

Today, it is fair to say, Bach Knives has a deserved reputation as the foremost supplier of highest quality tools incorporating the latest advances in materials and technology. It has never wavered from its motto – Consistently reliable, reliably consistent, nor from its all-encompassing integrity.

And now, in the fall of 2015, the mantle of President of Bach Knives is passed on to Robert F. Whiton. Bob has over twenty three years’ experience with Bach Knives. He is an engineer with a vision. A born leader with a fine personal work ethic, he has an extraordinary gift for motivating people by his example. His remarkable success in his previous capacity of Vice President, Engineering and Sales, foretells years of success as President.

Rudolph D. Bach’s legacy is safe. Bob Whiton has the same unwavering integrity.