Ultra-Precision Quills

Bach Knives’ precision quills are preloaded assemblies designed to provide ultra-close tolerances and guaranteed consistency for your dedicated slitting. The precision tooling is pre-loaded on sleeves and carefully calibrated. These pre-loaded sleeves install in a matter of minutes. Our quill system achieves consistently better slit edges and longer production runs than conventional tooling. These quill systems are ideal for long running dedicated jobs where a high-level of repeatability is required or jobs that require a quick setup.

Advantages of the Bach Knives quill system:

  • Mount and ready to slit in minutes
  • Eliminate operator setup calculations thanks to pre-loaded tooling
  • Tighter strip width tolerances
  • Minimize burr and camber
  • Excellent repeatability from set-up to set-up
  • System design isolates quill from slitter shoulder curtailing effect of shoulder runout and offset
  • Maximize slitter uptime

Bach Knives’ quill systems are ideal for:

  • Very precise slitting
  • Repetitive jobs
  • Long runs or repeated short runs
  • Customer specifications that go beyond your current tooling capability.

Contact your Bach Knives sales engineer to see how our ultra-precision quills will benefit your company.

Ultra-Precision Quills