Stripper Rings

Stripper rings are a critical component in the slitting process. We offer all types of stripping rings and customized clad rings for ultra–sensitive surfaces.

Our stripper rings are available in:

  • Vulcanized rubber to steel spacer (clad stripper rings)
  • Single and dual durometer rubber snug-fit rings
  • Tool steel
  • Aluminum
  • Phenolic

Clad Stripper Rings

We offer clad stripper rings in both vulcanized polyurethane and Buna-n. The steel cores are manufactured from through-hardened tool steel and lapped to shimless tolerances. The cladding is available in a variety of colors and hardnesses.

Snug-fit Rubber Stripper Rings

Rubber stripper rings can be supplied in single or dual durometer polyurethane, Buna-n and nylon. All materials are available in a variety of hardnesses and colors. We are an excellent resource for the proper sizing of rubber stripper rings.

Steel Stripper Rings

Our steel stripper rings are manufactured from bearing grade tool steel and available in thickness tolerances of +0/-0.0002” and with polished ODs. All rings are clearly etched for easy identification.

Aluminum and Phenolic Rings

As an alternative, we also offer aluminum and phenolic rings for specific applications.

Contact our experienced Bach Knives sales engineers for answers to your stripper ring questions.

Stripper Rings
Stripper Rings
Stripper Rings